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House slowly coming together, AC over

Posted on July 23, 2014 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (1)

With everything that could go wrong in a house, did go wrong in our house. Me and my other half are making good progress but it still needs a lot of work before its liveable. We are replacing floors, putting in beams and starting to put primer on the walls even though some rooms still need walls.... Thought we fixed all the plumbing but found out a pipe must have burst in the master bathroom tub as water came pouring out from the insulation and the kitchen sink is leaking again. We already have had visits by a bear and a pack of coyotes.

Also have a new (nice) neighbor that bought the forclosure next to us.

It was a lot of work to finish droid for AnthroCon, but he came out great and is the most complicated suit yet. After settling down from our big trip to AC, spent a lot of packing things away in my room that I can move to the house to make more room to work on suits. Next is an Aussie fullsuit which is being worked on for Sep. Hopefully I can work on some tails to sell as well as my own partial which I've been dying to make for a year.

Overall AC was a good trip but it makes me miss my home con in CT

Fireworks were amazing over the river in Pittsburgh, PA

Moving Process and AnthroCon

Posted on May 19, 2014 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

So I finally closed on my house in NH on May 16th. Me and my other half have been working up there every weekend to fix it up and make it liveable. It has a lot of issues including moldy sheetrock, rotted floors, water damaged ceilings, etc. But we have a contracter working with us to get this up and running. We hope to be fully moved in in about a month or so.

Also working my butt off for AnthroCon in early July. Now that I only work one day a week I hope to acheive these projects that are important but not manditory: Boyfriend's fullsuit, My personal partial. I have a few other things to be completed before then.