Sakura Sky Studios

Creating unique costumes, parts, and revamps
After all, The Sky's the Limit!

I am re-designing the way I make some of my products to produce a faster turn around time in the style and comfort people desire. This will include pre-made heads/partials for auction and one or two private commissions a year until things settle down.
*note* When requesting a quote please provide a reference and a detailed summary of what you need done

Fursuit Pricing

I will be doing some auction pre-made partials, tails, and heads while I experiment with some new designs and techniques.
Foam Heads will be provided by StuffedPandaStudios right now.
I will have these posted here, on FurAffinity, Facebook, and Furbuy when available.

FullSuits CLOSED Starting at $1500+


Everything! :D

Plantigrade, includes everything listed under 'Partials' with the addition of a full body.

*Requires full DTD, hand tracing, and head measurements. Refer to 'Measurements' Section.

Not offering digigrade at this time

Partials CLOSED Starting at $850+

All heads are backless (meaning no foam, just fur) with a zipper, 4 forms of ventilation, removable and washable Lycra forehead foam piece

Standard Partial Includes:

  • head with fan and moving jaw
  •  hand paws (resin claws, silicone pawpads included)
  • feet paws
  • Arm sleeves- Tank top armsleeves are included in the price, $720 for sleeves that only come up to your bicep. Please specify
  •  tail
  • Simple design/pattern
Anything extra will cost more (ask for quote)
*requires arm DTD, hand tracing, and head measurements. Please refer to the 'Measurements' section.

Heads CLOSED Starting at $600+

  • Head is fully equipped with sensitive moving jaw, fan with switch and hand painted follow-me-eyes or standard eyes. Welder helmet strap insures a comfortable and adjustable tightness to your liking and supports the head frame without loosing tightness over time like elastic. Hand sculpted teeth and tongue. Minor Airbrushing on ears and face if needed.
  • All heads are backless (meaning no foam, just fur) with a zipper, 4 forms of ventilation, removable and washable Lycra forehead foam piece

Ventilation is through nose, roof of mouth, eyes and fan. These heads are very unique and lightweight! The base is created out of a strong heat molded plastic frame.

Fursuit Accessories- Check back on open and Closed dates

Full Length 'tank top' Armsleeves CLOSED (paws not included) $85+
These armsleeves go all the way to your neck, cover a small portion of your chest/back and underarm. These are perfect for those who want to wear tank tops with their partials.
*Intricate designs and more than 2 colors will increase price

*Requires arm DTD which can be found in the 'Measurements section'

Elbow to Bicep Length Armsleeves CLOSED $65+

Armsleeves that start from your wrist and go up to either your elbow or bicep with soft elastic to hold in place. Claws are included in price with paws. Paws can be sewn with sleeve (one piece)  Paw Pads are not included in price and will increase price depending on what type of Paw Pads.

Elbow Sleeves $65

Elbow with paws $120+

Bicep Sleeves $75

Bicep with paws $150+

Requires hand tracing (for paws)

Other measurements needed can be found in the 'Measurements' section

(pictured is elbow sleeve w/ paw)

Hand Paws OPEN $60-$90
Triple Sewn and made to the exact shape of your hands.
$60 standard hand paws. 5 or 4 fingered. No claws, No pads.
$65 Hand paws with just a single fleece paw pad
$80 hand paws with resin claws and full silicone paw pads
$90 Hand paws with hand sewn puffy fleece paw pads, no claws (unless resin)
*Multicolored claws/pawpads or intricate designs will increase price, contact for quote.
*Requires hand tracing
Feet Paws CLOSED $120+
Shoes are either provided by the commissioner or Dr. Scholls sneakers are used
Comfy and long lasting feet paws that will go anywhere you do!
  • Velcro In front to allow tying of laces
  • With or w\o claws
  • All Sewn Seams

Five Bottom Options

Standard Silicone Feet Pawpads (made by DVC) can be added for an extra $50 (price includes pads, their shipping, and installation)
  • Blank (sole of shoe exposed)
  • Fur- indoor use only (sandles can be worn to prevent wear and tear)
  • Foam- thick foam lasts a bit and it's lightweight. Good for light to moderate use
  • Carpet- light and thin, great for indoor/outdoor and for dancing. Good for moderate use
  • Heavy Duty Rubber- a little heavier but will last a LONG time. For extensive use, tested and approved by Tiny Panda (who is pretty much my test dummy for wear and tear)

Tails OPEN $50+

Fits to your body, 2 Elastic belt loops and soft polyfil stuffed just right. Has Velcro that opens on the top underside of tail to remove stuffing to either replace when needed or when washing tail.

Wolf/Canine $50+

Fox $60+

Small Husky $65+ Light curl supported by belt loops

Large Husky $75+ Large tail supported by a thin layer of rigid plastic backing with 'slider' that your belt goes through. These tails will not droop and drag your belt down. The most curly and upright tails around.

Any other species email for quote.

  • + more than 3 colors (excluding fox tail), airbrushing, patterns, etc

Custom Resin LED earrings are CLOSED
Limited slots. I only have one mold at the time so turn around time is slower

Examples of Additions I offer (will increase price)

  • Custom Molded Resin LED Earrings, comes with battery pack.
  • Normal Resin Earrings
  • Metal Earrings/Ear plugs/piercings
  • Airbrushed Tattoo's 
  • Sewn Tattoos (big simple tattoos only)
  • Styled wigs
  • Whiskers
  • Kitsune tails
  • Horns
  • Glowing eyes/ears/mouth (EL wire)
  • Fancy claws, pawpads, noses (provided by Dreamvisioncreations) can be glow in dark, UV, glitter, multiple colors, etc.