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Creating unique costumes, parts, and revamps
After all, The Sky's the Limit!

Revamps are OPEN 

Need a total revamp or just a quick fix? Look no fur-ther!

I completely respect the artist/maker who made the original product and I am not bashing it in any way. They did their best and I respect that and credit goes to them for making the original product. These photos are to show the finished result, not to criticize. If the ori
ginal artist does not want the 'before' photo shown I will revise the picture. No names of original artists are used. 

Total Transform

A complete revamp of your previous fursuit head.

I have done some pretty amazing work on heads. This head is a good example. A head purchased at auction and wanted it to be more like their character.

Actually, half the foam, frame, and eyes of the head are the same. All it needed was to be straightened and some extra foam put in besides the new fur/ears/nose. 

This one had a static jaw and I was asked to put a moving jaw in so that makes a big difference as well. But It was still able to be salvaged. A lot of new but still some old without the purchase of a new head. Most of the time this requires all new fur.

Email for Quote if this is the transformation for you.

Here and There Fixes

Some things on your fursuit head just not what you wanted them to be? Nothing helps more than some quick touch ups.
Email for quotes on what you need done.
Some examples are but not limited to:
  • Seam Rips
  • horns
  • ears
  • teeth
  • tongue
  • nose
  • markings

Vision Revamp $40

Nothing is worse than not being able to see!

I will put in my own custom molded (2d or follow-me) hand painted eyes that are known for their great vision.

I can paint any color and make any expression.

  • A lot of time goes into my eyes, each eye takes about an hour to paint and the frames are carefully molded, cut and sanded.
Ventilation Package $25+
-Standard 12v fan with wired switch and 9v battery
Add some extra flow to your head! Can be installed in any type of head. Some heads (depending on how they are made) may take more work to install and are subject to an increase in price
-Fan sizes come in 2-4 inch fan all 12v

*Currently working on hooking up a 9v and 3v battery to get the maximum speed and run time on the fans. However, 9v usually work just fine. I will post when this setup is available.
Zipper Installation $40
Makes getting in and out of your fursuit head easier. Can be done with any head. All zippers are double hand sewn (usually too intricate for a machine, will use machine when possible) and are well hidden. Color of fur is matched as closely as possible with zipper color.