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After all, The Sky's the Limit!

Terms and Conditions


I reserve the right to modify terms, conditions, and notices under You are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions. By using, accessing, or browsing through this website, or placing a commission, you indicate that you agree to be bound by these terms. You must be 18 or older to order or have a parent/guardian commission it for you

Allergy Warnings

I live in a non-smoking home but do have birds and a dog and will probably get a cat eventually once I am settled into my new house. The animals are allowed in the workroom in designated areas (away from the fur and products) and there is also an air purifier in the room. But if you have a serious allergy to these animals please let me know and I can make sure to take precautionary measures.

My Style/Limitations

I use the highest quality of faux fur from USA and Europe as well as high quality glue, stitching, and other materials. My suits are designed for comfort/breathability. Masks are not resin or foam. They are a combination of a special heat molded plastic frame, mesh, and foam. This allows for excellent ventilation and a sensitive moving jaw system. Style is semi-tooney to tooney. I do not do realistic heads at this time. These are unique masks and are built to custom fit your head. You will be getting a well made custom product.

All claws, pawpads, noses, horns, and anything exotic I get from DreamVisionCreations. 

I will not reproduce copyrighted characters (pokemon, MLP, etc) or costumes of other makers.


You must provide a reference sheet or several character pictures and write any important features of your concept art. Any features not described may be overlooked, and I am not to be held accountable for such. I will let you know what I am and am not comfortable doing.


I require a non-refundable 30% down payment for all partials, fullsuits, and heads. Shipping is NOT included in the prices.

I can do payment plans as long as it works into the completion date.

Final payments must be received by the beginning of the month prior to the completion month. Late payment will result in a later completion date or a cancelled commission.

I accept checks, paypal, money orders, and cash. I am not accountable for any lost money in the mail.


Any price quotes are subject to change. Amount of commissions are limited per month. SakuraSkySuits reserves the right to deny service to anyone. All work has a limited 30 day warranty upon day of item received. Warranty covers defects of material and construction for free. Normal wear and tear and misuse is not covered by the warranty.

*misuse: roughhousing, outside wear and tear, water damage etc.

Shipping to will be covered by the commissioner and I will pay to send it back. 

I reserve the right to re-sell any item returned for an exchange or refund as-is, or altered any way I choose. Items must be returned in the best possible condition (considering the circumstances warranting the return) in order for a refund or exchange to be issued.

*Once a fursuit or partial has been worn it is not eligible for a full or partial refund.

*I am always open to fixing up my suits and parts and encourage you to send it back if there are issues, but after the 30 day warranty, a small charge for time will be applied.


0% complete - 70% refund

25% complete - 45% refund

50% complete - 20% refund

75% complete - no refund

100% complete - no refund

If you are having financial issues or are not happy with how the suit/item is coming out, you are entitled to be refunded ONLY if the suit is no more than 50% completed. This does not include the 30% nonrefundable down payment which I use to buy materials. Please be sure that you are financially ready to commission me.


A commissioner is allowed to ask at any time (within reason) on a standing commission. I will NOT respond to constant emails and picture updates. It takes a great amount of time to complete a project so I will usually update the commissioner with any major progress and send important pictures (eye expression, color of furs, etc) when I can. Weekly updates are not likely unless it is a small commission.